• At PEQUE, we choose wines that our staff can offer.

    As well as tasting various wines and meeting the PEQUE cuisine, of course,

    Some people (love) have fallen in love!

    It would be delicious if you match that dish,

    I'd like to make such a dish suitable for this wine,

    Please taste the wine with various thoughts.

  • gik

    ▼ Blue wine "Gik (Jikku)"

    The blue color which can not be done by traditional wine manufacturing method,

    It is made by adding the natural pigment "anthocyanin" contained in the skin of black grapes and white grapes and "Indigo" dye derived from plants .

    Alcohol power is a little strong, 11.5%

    The taste will be refreshing like a sweet strong white wine.

    Please try one cup with no doubt as a SNS glitter.

    Grass \ 600

  • Moldova wine

    Moldova Wine

    Actually, Moldova is also said to be the birthplace of wine,

    Its high quality and reasonable wine currently,

    It is attracting attention from the world, and it is called premium wine.

    In PEQUE,

    Agriculture such as dry fruit has red wine characterized by flavor,

    We arrived a white wine with a fragrance like flowers comfortable.

    Please drink it once by all means!

    Grass 600 yen